Bathroom and in-lodge spa facilities



Baths mats

Non-slip bath mats are available. Please contact Guest Services.

Hot tubs

(Available in specific types of accommodation)

Signage on how to operate your hot tub can be found in the safety guidelines located on the patio area. In adapted accommodation, a hoist is available upon request. If you require any assistance using the hot tubs, please contact Guest Services.

Hydrobath instructions

(Executive and Exclusive lodges only)

  • Ensure Hydrobath bath is switched on at isolator (inside bathroom above the door)
  • Fill bath 3/4 full
  • The button on the bath will flash quicker when there is enough water in the bath.
  • Once the button is flashing quicker you can press the button to turn the jets on, using dry hands.
  • To turn off press button again and jets will stop.
  • The Hydrobath baths jets are self-cleaning and will come on again by themselves; usually 30mins after bath has been used.
  • Turn off at the isolator (inside bathroom above the door) after it has run though the cleaning cycle. 

Please avoid draping towels over the hydrobath as this sometimes activates the sensors, turning the hydrobath on.

Sauna and steam rooms

(In specified types of accommodation only)

If these facilities are available within your accommodation, please familiarise yourself with the safety instructions. In steam rooms, pay particular attention to the location of the steam outlets as contact with them will cause burns. In saunas, ensure no items are placed in or near the coals at any time.

Failure to follow sauna instructions below have resulted in serious fires.

  • You’ll be able to turn your sauna on between 7am and midnight.
  • Please take a minute or two to read these instructions before using it

Getting started:

  • Turn on the switch marked ‘Isolator’ in the lounge area (in some exclusive lodges the isolator switch is next to the sauna). 
  • Next, press and release the ‘Operation’ switch.
  • A green light should now show, starting a one-hour timer
  • Make sure the door to the sauna is properly closed, and allow 15 minutes for it to heat up
  • Turn on the light inside your sauna by pressing the switch just next to the door
  • Take off any jewellery, as well as your glasses or contact lenses

Sauna safety:

  • Once inside, relax for around 10 minutes, then come out for a cool, invigorating shower
  • Drink plenty of fluids (but no alcohol, please)
  • Head back into the sauna for up to 10 minutes and repeat the process if you like
  • When you’ve finished, turn off the sauna light and isolator switch in the lounge (when the green light turns off, the sauna turns off) and take a final cool shower
  • Before dressing, relax for 15–20 minutes until your body temperature is near normal

When not to use the sauna:

  • Within 90 minutes of a big meal or after drinking alcohol
  • If you’ve very recently exercised – take a little rest first, as your body temperature will already be higher than normal
  • If you have any infectious skin diseases, sores or wounds
  • It’s best to check with your doctor before using the sauna if you:
  • Are pregnant, particularly during the first or last three months of pregnancy
  • Have heart disease, circulatory problems, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, kidney disease or any condition affecting your reaction to heat or ability to perspire
  • Are prone to dizzy spells or fainting
  • Have any other condition or are on medication that might make it unsafe to spend time in hot, dry places for example, if you take anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors or vasodilators (inhalers), stimulants, hypnotics or tranquillisers
  • If you are reliant on a wheelchair for mobility, please do not use the sauna alone. If your wheelchair will fit into the sauna cabin, do not remain in it whilst using the sauna and do not leave it inside the sauna whilst in use. The metal parts of the wheelchair may become hot and burn skin on contact

Physiotherm infra-red saunas

How to use:

  • Remove all jewellery and any metal (such as swimwear with metal pieces) as these could get hot
  • To turn on, press the ‘on’ button once - a red light should show. Set the control setting to ‘strong’ and give the heaters 5 to 10 minutes to warm up
  • As you start your session, reduce the control setting from ‘strong’ to ‘medium’
  • We recommend sitting on a towel during your session and placing one under your feet, as the floor can get quite warm too
  • Sit with your back directly in front of the heater for maximum relaxation
  • Too hot? Too cold? Don’t worry, you can adjust the intensity to suit your comfort level (Feature only available in selected saunas)
  • Relax for 20 to 40 minutes
  • Remember to stay well hydrated before and after your session (but please, no alcohol)


Towels (one hand towel and one bath towel per person) are provided in all accommodation.

Towels are replaced on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in all accommodation types excluding Woodland Lodges.