Local information




Local transport services

Details of local taxi, bus and train services are available from Guest Services.


Military and other aircraft fly over our villages, particularly at Elveden and Whinfell Forest and military manoeuvres can take place near Longleat Forest. You may experience noise from such activities from time-to-time but this is unfortunately beyond our control.

Note for Longford Forest: Abbeyshrule airport is situated nearby. Due to this, aircraft fly over our resort. You may very occasionally hear some noise but this is unfortunately out of our control.

Tourist information

For information on places of interest to visit locally, please contact Guest Services.

Weather conditions

As we are in a forest environment, please take sensible precautions in severe weather conditions, such as:

  • Sticking to prepared paths and roads when moving around the village
  • Depending on the severity of the weather, please consider walking rather than cycling
  • Please do not venture in to or allow children to play in wooded areas, as even small twigs and branches can cause injury if dislodged by wind or snow
  • Please observe local signage
  • In icy/snowy conditions, priority is given to gritting high pedestrian traffic routes and as such individual accommodation paths are not gritted, except for adapted accommodation. Please take extra care on these routes
  • If conditions deteriorate, we may need to withdraw certain outdoor activities and limit movement around the village whilst storms pass