Safety and security in your accommodation


Accommodation security

Please close all windows and doors properly, paying special attention to patio doors, and keep all valuables out of view and locked in the safe whenever possible.

Child safety gate

Safety gates are provided as standard in all 2 storey accommodation.

Instructions to open and close the Lindam safety gate:

  1. To release the gate, push the catch in a forward or backward movement (depending on desired direction)
  2. To lock the gate, push it back into the closed position ensuring it is locked by the catch
  3. Once closed, check the gate is locked in

Guard Me Babydan and Multidan Gate

If the safety barrier is used at the top of the stairs, it should not be positioned below the top level.

If the safety barrier is used at the bottom of the stairs, it should be positioned at the front of the lowest tread possible.

Important: Adjust the barrier to ensure it is as tight as possible so there is no risk of the barrier stretching over the edge of the top stair. Please note that this product does not necessarily prevent accidents from happening.

The safety barrier has a manual closing system. Always check that the safety barrier is correctly closed and locked.

Child safety gate diagram.

Clinical waste

Should any of your party require access to clinical waste disposal facilities, please contact the First Aid Centre who will supply the appropriate bags or sharps bins please do not dispose of clinical waste with normal refuse and please do not flush sharps down the toilet. As a commercial enterprise, Center Parcs is not allowed to dispose of clinical waste with normal refuse. 

Pest control

Although we do have preventative measures in place, as we are in a forest environment this means that some wildlife may cause a disturbance to you from time to time. If you have any concerns regarding pests (i.e. ants, mice, etc.), please contact Guest Services immediately.


A security box/safe is available in your accommodation and we strongly recommend using it. A guide on how to use it is available by the safe (safes are located in a wardrobe in the bedroom or in the store cupboard by the front door).

We strongly advise you to take care of all personal belongings. Please do not leave your property unattended whilst out on the village or in your accommodation. Use lockers where available.

Emergency keys:

These are held in the Security Office should you forget your code or are unable to open the safe please telephone security.

If you experience any difficulty with the safe, please contact Guest Services or Security for assistance.

Smoking and vaping

Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside your accommodation or on any hotel/apartment balconies/terraces. An ashtray has been provided on the outside lodge patio area should you wish to smoke. If you smoke outdoors, please ensure all cigarettes are fully extinguished using the ashtrays provided. E-cigarettes will be treated as real cigarettes. Should it be discovered during your stay that there is evidence of smoking inside the accommodation or on any hotel/apartment balconies/terraces, you will be charged the recovery costs for us to clean and prepare the accommodation for our incoming guests.