Kitchen and living area facilities

Please find kitchen appliance information in our appliance guide.


Center Parcs TV channel

Sherwood, Longleat and Whinfell Forest: channel 6

Woburn and Longford Forest: channel 800

Elveden Forest: channel 92

Please note: Media outlets (USB,HDMI) are located at the side of the fireplace.

DVD Player/ Blu-ray Players

Blue-ray DVD players are not available in all accommodation types, however they are available on request.

Please follow the instructions below to select the correct channel:

Sherwood Forest:

Turn the DVD player on, press the ‘Source/AV’ button on the TV remote and select ‘HDMI’ 1,2 or 3. Alternatively select ‘HDMI’ until the DVD shows on the screen.

Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest, Whinfell Forest:

Turn the DVD/Blu-ray player on, select the ‘AV/Home’ button or ‘Source’ button on the remote control and use the arrows to select HDMI, press ‘OK’.

Woburn Forest:

Turn the DVD/Blu-ray player on, press the ‘INPUT’ button on the remote control and use the arrows to select ‘HDMI’, press ‘OK’.

Fireplaces and log burner

(In specified types of accommodation only)

You can enjoy the welcoming warmth of a real fire in your accommodation simply by buying long burning safety logs from ParcMarket. Please only burn one log at a time, this is the maximum the log burner can accommodate safely. Only logs purchased from ParcMarket can be burnt - please do not use branches, logs or cones from the forest and do not leave a burning log unattended.

If there is a log burner in your accommodation, please take care when opening the stove door. Please use the handle provided. When in use the whole stove and surrounding area is hot to touch and will remain so for some time after the log has finished burning. Do not adjust the air intake on the wood burning stove.

Some accommodation has gas fired heaters that look like log burners - please note these cannot be used to burn logs. A notice should highlight this in the accommodation.


Number 5 is the coldest temperature setting and 1 is the warmest. Please be careful not to overload the fridge to allow it to maintain temperature.


One highchair is available as standard in most types of accommodation (Subject to availability). Additional highchairs are available via Guest Services.

Highchair safety:

  1. The highchair must ALWAYS be on a stable, flat surface and folding highchairs must have the front clips locked in position
  2.  Keep all HAZARDS such as electrical cables, knives and hot plates out of reach of the child in the highchair
  3. NEVER leave the child unattended. The child should wear a safety harness at all times – which must be correctly fitted and adjusted
  4. To clean, please use warm soapy water
  5. WARNING - be aware of the risk of sources of heat, such as fires, ovens and stoves in the vicinity of the highchair
  6. Only use the highchair if your child can sit up unaided
  7. Please do not use the highchair if any part is broken, torn or missing. Please contact Guest Services who will arrange for a replacement to be sent to your lodge.

Instructions for folding: 

Please note: Folding highchairs are found in apartments only. Highchairs in lodges are not foldable.

  1. Lift the tray up and over the highchair back
  2. Now align the front bar of the highchair with the two clips underneath the tray
  3. Push the clips firmly until they lock the tray in position


  1. Release the clips underneath the tray
  2. Swing the tray up and over the top of the highchair
  3. Push the centre of the seat back towards the front of the highchair

Television Channels

All accommodation has one or more multi-channel televisions (dependent on accommodation type). A range of terrestrial and Freeview channels are available, and the Center Parcs information channel can be found on channel 6 at Sherwood, Longleat and Whinfell Forest, channel 800 at Woburn Forest, channel 92 at Elveden Forest and channel 800 at Longford Forest.

Please note that TV channel availability varies from village to village.

Subtitles are available on selected channels.

Please note that regional variations may apply, and we reserve the right to amend the channels from time to time. For local information, please ask Guest Services.


Telephones are available in specified types of accommodation.

If you have a telephone in your lodge and you would like to make an outside call, please contact Guest Services. Each lodge has Wi-Fi included, therefore we recommend that you turn on Wi-Fi Calling on your mobile phone.