Dining and shopping




Allergies and special dietary requirements

Intended allergen ingredient information for all menu items is available via the allergen portal. We do not provide details of “may contain” allergen statements and cannot make changes to our menu items. Due to supplier manufacturing processes, Gluten Free dishes are suitable for guests with Coeliac disease but may be unsuitable for guests who are allergic to cereal proteins. Similarly, some Vegan ingredients carry “may contain” warnings from suppliers so should not be relied on to avoid specific allergens. We use ingredients containing allergens throughout our kitchens, including cooking different foods in the same equipment. It is not possible to guarantee that any item is 100% allergen free due to the risk of cross-contamination. If this causes concern due to the severity of an allergy, please consider carefully before ordering. Please note, some of our meat/fish dishes may contain bones.

Allergen details for Las Iguanas, Amalfi, Bella Italia and Café Rouge do not feature on the Center Parcs allergen portal – instead each of these units will provide access to their allergen portal at point of ordering.


ParcMarket is open 8am - 9pm Monday to Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sundays at all UK villages. This is to comply with UK law.

Note for Longford Forest: Parc Market is open 8am - 9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am - 7pm on Sundays at Longford Forest.


We have a wide range of restaurants available and further details can be found on our website. A number of restaurants are now also offering a delivery service.

At all locations, you can order from Restaurant Runner. This allows you to mix and match dishes from different restaurants, all in one order and with only one delivery fee. Full details and menus can be viewed on the Center Parcs website.

Licensing laws

We work with guidelines set out by the Challenge 21 scheme. We will not serve or sell alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, under the age of 18 (and cannot prove they are over 18), or whom we, in our sole discretion, consider to have been drinking excessively. We will accept a photo driving licence, a passport or a proof of age scheme card which carries the PASS logo hologram. We do not serve alcohol to 16-17 year olds with a meal.


There is always time for some retail therapy and our shops have everything from everyday essentials to gifts to take home. Please see our website for full details. For emergency ‘out of hours’ purchases such as baby food or nappies please contact Guest Services and we’ll do our best to help.