Welcome to the Woodland Explorer lodge

Hints and tips

Welcome to the Woodland Explorer Lodge at Sherwood Forest.

We hope that you and your little explorers will have a fantastic stay in this one-of-a-kind lodge, with immersive and fun features, gadgets, play areas and an interactive wall. To help you make the most of your break, we’ve included some top tips and hints below.

If you need further assistance, please contact Guest Services on 01623 827400

Bathroom radiators

  • The bathroom and ensuite radiators are electric. These operate separately to the main heating controls in the lodge.

Bifold doors

  • To open the bifold doors, open the first door fully and ensure it is connected to the magnet. To open the additional sections, lift the central black handle and gently slide the doors towards the wall. 


  • Remote controls for the canopy lights, blinds and TVs are located in the container. Please return these to the container after use.
  • To change the brightness of the external canopy light, please use the grey slider on the remote. 

Interactive wall

  • The wall responds to touch, and each section has lights and sounds. Please touch the wall to activate.


  • To control the snuggle pod and children’s bedroom lighting, please select Zone 1. The colours can be changed with the touch sensor by pressing ‘up’ and ‘down’ on the control in each area. Please note some of the options do include flashing lights. 

Underfloor heating

  • The underfloor heating is controlled by thermostats provided for each zone (located on the walls). Please note the heating takes time to adjust to the chosen temperature. 

Other items in the lodge for you

  • We’ve included a selection of additional items for you to enjoy during your stay. Please have fun with the children’s games, sound dock and projector lights provided.