Bedroom features and facilities



Bedding and linen

Replacement bedding, linen and pillows are available, please contact Guest Services for additional bedding. You may be charged for this service. 

Bed guards

Bed guards are available on request (subject to availability). Please contact Guest Services to request a bed guard.


A security box/safe is available in your accommodation and we strongly recommend using it. A guide on how to use it is available by the safe (safes are located in a wardrobe in the bedroom or in the store cupboard by the front door).

We strongly advise you to take care of all personal belongings. Please do not leave your property unattended whilst out on the village or in your accommodation. Use lockers where available.

Emergency keys:

These are held in the Security Office should you forget your code or are unable to open the safe please telephone security.

If you experience any difficulty with the safe, please contact Guest Services or Security for assistance.

Travel cots

One travel cot is available as standard in most types of accommodation (subject to availability). Additional travel cots are available via Guest Services.

Most travel cot types have instructions attached to the travel cot. Where there are no instructions see below;

Please note: In the interests of safety, even where space permits, the boiler room must not be used to sleep in. Cot bedding is not provided.

Wooden Folding Cot

Please ensure locks are engaged before use.

  1. Unscrew the thumbscrew and lift the mattress base upwards
  2. Lift the metal clips on the cot ends
  3. Put the drop side in the lower position
  4. Fold the cot ends inwards

Holibobs Fold Away Travel Cot

  1. Unfold the cot ends using the frame and not the metal clips on the top of the cot
  2. Push the metal clips on the cot ends until they click into position
  3. Lower the mattress base and insert the thumbscrews on the side of the base, until they are firm
  4. Press down on base to ensure it is fixed in position
  5.  Place mattress onto base