Activities and leisure




There are so many activities available on your break - choosing where to start can be the hardest part! Full details of all activities are available on our website. Please note, activities can occasionally be subject to change. All children under 8 years taking part in activities must have parental supervision unless the activity expressly states it is supervised by us. It may also be requested in other instances.

You must tell us when you book if your child has any medical condition, allergy or normally carries a JEXT/EPIPEN/ANAPEN. You must bring the injector to the session with the child, ensuring the date is valid, or your child will not be able to join the session.

Events and entertainment

Please check our website for events and entertainment during your break.

Leisure activites

To reduce the risk of injury, please take time to warm up before any activity and wear appropriate footwear whilst exercising. The use of safety equipment is compulsory on certain activities and you will not be allowed to participate without it. The use of safety equipment is strongly recommended during rollerskating/rollerblading sessions. This is freely available at the entrance to the rollerskating area. An assistant is present at the area to assist in the fitting of equipment if necessary. The following activities require you to complete a health and safety form prior to participation:

  • Action Challenge activities
  • Supervised watersports activities
  • Most Aqua Sana treatments
  • Paintballing
  • Quad biking
  • Laser combat
  • Fitness studio
  • Other activities provided by external third party providers

For your own safety, if you suffer from certain health conditions, you will be unable to participate in certain activities unless you have written confirmation from your GP that it is safe for you to participate. If you wish to participate in an activity and you have a condition that may prevent you from participating, please contact your GP or specialist to advise you further.

For children and young people under 18 years of age the health and safety form must be completed by an adult. If an unaccompanied young person attends an activity without a completed health and safety form having been submitted they will be unable to participate until a health and safety form is completed. For all online bookings for the activity, the booker must have acknowledged that they have received parental consent to allow the booking for children under 18 years of age.

Watersports activities

Buoyancy aids are compulsory for most watersports activities and are provided free of charge. Before participating in watersports activities, make sure cuts and grazes are covered with a waterproof dressing. Please shower after participating in activities on the lake, particularly before eating or drinking. If flu-like symptoms or headaches occur after any water sports activity, please inform the First Aid Centre or your own GP. Personal crafts are prohibited on the lake.