Outdoor and balcony facilities





Please supervise your children carefully on balconies and take particular care that they do not climb on chairs and tables. 

Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside your accommodation or on any hotel/apartment balconies/terraces.


  • ParcMarket sells everything you need for a memorable barbecue. Please use the brick barbecue stands provided.
  • Where barbecues are permitted, please ensure that they are never left unattended and embers are thoroughly extinguished before being left to cool.
  • Do not empty hot charcoal or ashes into bins, wait until they are cold. Metal ash bins are provided in every bin bay for the disposal of barbecue waste. Do not use any other means of disposal.
  • Some accommodation features brick built barbecue holders on the patio which are suitable for disposable barbecue trays.
  • Disposable barbecues may be purchased from ParcMarket.
  • You are welcome to bring your own barbecue, however we only allow the use of lumpwood charcoal. Please note that portable gas barbecues are not permitted.
  • Only branded barbecue lighting products may be used.
  • Please note: The use of barbecues may be prohibited in prolonged periods of extreme hot weather due to the increased fire risk.

Barbecues are not permitted where your accommodation has a balcony rather than a patio.